Strengthen team cohesion with Escape Room virtual reality Games: A unique team building experience


In today’s professional world, team building has become an essential element to strengthen cohesion and team spirit within companies. Among the many team building activities, Escape Games have gained popularity because of their ability to stimulate collaboration, communication and problem solving. Find out how Escape Games can help build strong team spirit and why they are a great option for your next team building activity.

  1. Escape Games: A challenge for all team members

Escape Games are life-size escape games in which participants are locked in a room and must solve a series of puzzles to escape before the time runs out. These games usually involve a story or theme, and the puzzles are designed to test participants’ thinking, logic and teamwork skills.

  1. The benefits of Escape Games for team building

  • Collaboration and communication: Escape Games require participants to work together to solve puzzles and progress through the story. This collaboration strengthens communication between the team members and allows them to discover each other’s skills.
  • Problem Solving: Escape Games puzzles are designed to be challenging and varied, encouraging participants to think creatively and take different approaches to solving problems.
  • Time and priority management: Teams need to manage their time effectively in order to escape in the allotted time. This allows team members to learn to prioritize and make quick decisions.
  • Trust building: By working together to solve puzzles and achieve a common goal, team members develop mutual trust and a better understanding of each other’s skills.
  1. Choosing the right Escape Game for your team

  • Team size: Escape Games generally welcome groups of 2 to 8 people, but some establishments offer rooms adapted to accommodate larger teams. Be sure to choose an Escape Game that is appropriate for the size of your group.
  • Themes and scenarios: Escape Games offer a wide variety of themes and scenarios, ranging from ancient temple exploration to police investigations to spy missions. Select a topic that matches the interests and skills of your team.
  • Difficulty: Escape Games vary in difficulty, and some are more suitable for beginners, while others are more suitable for experienced players. Choose an appropriate difficulty level for your team to ensure an enjoyable and challenging experience for all.

Escape Games are a great option for team building activities, as they offer a stimulating and fun challenge that enhances collaboration, communication and problem solving within the team. By choosing the right Escape Game for your group, you can create an unforgettable experience that will help build a strong and lasting team spirit.

To plan your next team building event, find out what Escape Games are available in your area and consider the interests, skills and preferences of your team. Feel free to contact Escape Games locations to discuss your needs and receive personalized advice on choosing the best experience for your team.

Ultimately, a successful team building Escape Game is not only about solving puzzles and achieving a successful escape, but also about strengthening relationships between team members, improving communication and developing a more collaborative and harmonious work environment. So take your team on this exciting adventure and get ready to create lasting memories while strengthening the bonds between your colleagues.

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