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Discover our Escape Rooms

We have selected for you the best Escape Rooms in virtual reality

Virtual Reality is reaching out to you in the heart of Brussels.  Join us with your family, friends or colleagues and discover escape games / 3D missions exclusively available at Immersion.

Would you have believed that one day we could project ourselves into escape rooms in virtual reality?  Our partner studios have worked hard around the world to bring you the best of VR collaborative experiences.

Feel the warmth of an ancient Persian temple (Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time), evolve in a futuristic universe straight out of a science fiction movie (Cyberpunk), look for exits like Michael Scofield trying to escape from the Fox River State Penitentiary (The Prison), take the posture of Legolas and Tauriel and prevent hordes of orcs from invading your castle (Archer), …

Sceneries are impressive but it does not make everything.  In a world of virtual reality, emotions quickly take over: deep reflection, contemplation, fear, vertigo, adrenaline, excitement and crazy laughs guaranteed !!!

Our games / escape rooms in virtual reality

Choose one or multiple missions and immerse yourself in unique and original sceneries.

The capacity of our VR center allows to make 18 persons playing simultaneously; your team will therefore have the possibility to discover different games according to everyone’s desires.

Partner Studios


Frequently asked questions​

A virtual reality (VR) Escape Room or “Escape Game” is an immersive escape game experience that uses virtual reality technology to transport players into a digital environment. Participants must solve puzzles and brainteasers using VR controls to interact with their environment and escape within an allotted time, usually 60 minutes.

We have selected for you the best Escape Rooms virtual reality games listed above.

Yes, you can click here to immediately book your Escape Room session.

Yes, you can have a virtual reality experience while wearing your glasses. We will assist you when tightening the helmet to ensure optimal comfort.

Our virtual reality adventures apply to a public older than 12 years.  Children as from 7 years can play the mission Aqualia whose purpose is to collect marine treasures.

Our virtual reality adventures take 60 minutes in average and our crew will support your team so that you complete your mission in due time.

No, our Virtual Reality Escape Room Center provides all the necessary equipment, including VR headsets, controllers and motion sensors.

Escape Room virtual reality games can be intense and involve rapid movement and interaction with the virtual environment. It is recommended that people with medical conditions, such as heart problems, epilepsy, or mobility problems, consult their doctor before participating in a mission in our Brussels Escape Room game center.

For the moment we have only one Escape Rooms Brussels center located :

Rue de l’Enseignement 50, 1000 Brussels


Notre centre de réalité virtuelle sera fermé jusqu'au 31 Août pour cause de travaux de transformation.
Nous vous accueillerons en septembre pour de nouvelles aventures virtuelles !
Merci pour votre compréhension.


Our virtual reality center will be closed until 31st August due to transformation works.
We will welcome you in september for new virtual adventures !
Thank you for your understanding.