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The future is now

virtual reality Escape Room is lived beyond time and space.  Become an explorer evolving in the lost pyramid of Nebka, join the Argonauts expedition and escape from an ancient aegean cave, incarnate Alice in Wonderland and face the Queen of Hearts, …

We propose 18 challenges where collaboration and reflection are the only one ways to complete your mission.  Build your team and move forward in futuristic escape rooms, “Immersion” is the right place to become the hero you deserve to be.

What to expect?


Be the heroes of your own adventure.  You will evolve in virtual environments where you can talk, hear and interact with each other. You have 60 minutes to end up with your mission, the time is yours !


Communication is the key to take up your challenge !  Assign responsibilities, share insights, brainstorm with your teammates and have fun all together.  Teamwork makes the dream work !


Our experiences take place in cinematic / fantastic universes and combine 5K resolution, 3D spatial audio, creative storytelling and an average size of 2.000 (virtual) square meters. Ready for immersion ?

4 Senses

Our DNA can be summarized by our motto “See, hear, smell and feel VR”.  We propose a unique concept aiming to sharpen 4 of your senses at the same time: vision, hearing, smell and touch.           


We work with world-class studios and we have selected for your the best experiences that Virtual Reality can offer.  Our adventures have been awarded by VR experts for their originality, gameplay and graphics quality. 

Qualified crew

Our team is composed of individuals who have a strong interest for virtual reality, escape games and innovation.  We take care of you and your team and we provide advices so that we meet your expectations.

Escape Rooms in the heart of Brussels

Become a hero

Our missions are innovative and represent the clever combination of cinema and escape rooms.  Evolve in a life-size adventure and become the hero of your dreams !

We will transport you in unique places that you can only find in your dreams or imagination.


Unlock doors, climb walls, solve puzzles, rewind time, drive a ship, align gears, assemble bots, extinguish fire, do archery, shoot zombies, explore the seabed and much more…

How it works?

Book online

Choose your challenge, specify the number of persons (up to 18 players) and select an available session for you and your team.

Join us

We are located near Cirque Royal.  Come with your family, friends or colleagues 10 minutes in advance and team up virtually.

Live your adventure

Open your eyes and live your adventure in breathtaking universes.  The “Immersion” is guaranteed.

Beyond time and space...

Enter the 4th dimension


Our collaborative missions allow you to interact with objects, creatures and your teammates.

Also, we will develop shortly sensory effects aiming to accentuate your immersion in the game.

You will enter the 4th dimension in different ways: scents of Ancient Egypt (Escape The Lost Pyramid), a wind that blows when you are confronted with a trap (Jumpers), your chest / back that vibrates during zombie attacks (After The Fall).

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is the use of computer technology to create simulated environments. Virtual reality places the user in a three-dimensional experience. Instead of looking at a screen in front of them, users are immersed and interact with 3D worlds.

Simulating the human senses – all five – turns a computer into a vehicle to new worlds. The only limit to a great VR experience is computing power and content availability.

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Google reviews

Florence Mahrer
Florence Mahrer
Read More
Super expérience de VR dans un univers dépaysant. Le personnel est très sympathique et nous a bien conseillé pour choisir notre mission. Aventures accessibles à tous les niveaux.
Oriane Froment
Oriane Froment
Read More
Nous avons fait l'escape game "Beyond Medusa's Gate" et je me suis franchement bien amusée pendant près d'1h20. Très bon accueil puis l'escape game commence par le choix du personnage et l'ajout d'accessoires. Les décors sont très beaux (style temple grec) et les énigmes sont variées mais pas trop compliquées.
Agathe Maréchal
Agathe Maréchal
Read More
Super expérience, immersion réussie et fun assuré. Je repasserai pour une autre aventure sans aucun doute ! 😁
Logan Vanbo
Logan Vanbo
Read More
Rien à dire, accueillant, bienveillant et très sympathique. Une liste de jeux conséquente pour tous les goûts. Je recommande vivement à toute personne voulant passer un bon moment où tester la VR.
Brieuc Verougstraete
Brieuc Verougstraete
Read More
Super expérience à partager entre amis/famille. Une formule de 2 heures avec un escape game suivi d'un jeu de zombie shooting, top pour une découverte complète. Accueil super sympa et rapport qualité/prix top vu que l'équipe nous laisse vraiment le temps de terminer tout à notre aise!

Frequently asked questions​

A virtual reality (VR) Escape Room or “Escape Game” is an immersive escape game experience that uses virtual reality technology to transport players into a digital environment. Participants must solve puzzles and brainteasers using VR controls to interact with their environment and escape within an allotted time, usually 60 minutes.

Yes, you can click here to immediately book your Escape Room session.

Yes, you can have a virtual reality experience while wearing your glasses. We will assist you when tightening the helmet to ensure optimal comfort.

Our virtual reality adventures apply to a public older than 12 years.  Children as from 7 years can play the mission Aqualia whose purpose is to collect marine treasures.

Our virtual reality adventures take 60 minutes in average and our crew will support your team so that you complete your mission in due time.

No, our Virtual Reality Escape Room Center provides all the necessary equipment, including VR headsets, controllers and motion sensors.

Escape Room virtual reality games can be intense and involve rapid movement and interaction with the virtual environment. It is recommended that people with medical conditions, such as heart problems, epilepsy, or mobility problems, consult their doctor before participating in a mission in our Brussels Escape Room game center.

For the moment we have only one Escape Rooms Brussels center located :

Rue de l’Enseignement 50, 1000 Brussels

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Notre centre de réalité virtuelle sera fermé jusqu'au 31 Août pour cause de travaux de transformation.
Nous vous accueillerons en septembre pour de nouvelles aventures virtuelles !
Merci pour votre compréhension.


Our virtual reality center will be closed until 31st August due to transformation works.
We will welcome you in september for new virtual adventures !
Thank you for your understanding.